The Psychic of the World Wide Web

Lee Moorhead

Lee C. Moorhead

"The Psychic of the World Wide Web"

Lee's array of experience and activities include:

  • Lee was born with the psychic gift and has been doing this work professionally since 1972.
  • Studied astrology when she was 14 years old, and took refresher courses in 1976.
  • Listed in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the East as a Psychic Therapist.
  • Her work involves as much spiritual guidance as it does looking into one's future.
  • Lee is also a healer using Reiki, the Japanese art of healing; and a Reflexologist.
  • She is a palmist and a numerologist.
  • Produced her own TV Show on the East End of Long Island on Cablevision Channel 20, every Thursday Night at 7-8PM EST.
    It is a call-in show where Lee answers questions and interview psychics, astrologers, healers and spiritual artists.
    It is also the longest running psychic call-in show in America, since February 1985.
  • She also supports wounded Veterans at

Lee's consultation and services include:

  • Psychic Readings in person.
  • Psychic Telephone Readings 1 hour and 1/2 hour phone sessions.

Her astrological charts are as follows:

  • Natal charts.
  • Progressed charts.
  • Composite Chart: taking the birthdates of two lovers or mates, and combining them for the midpoint to see if they are compatible or soul mates.
For Entertainment at parties with a 3-hour minimum (beyond 50 miles requires travel expenses).
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The fees for her work are given upon request. Visit the FAQ page for more details.