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Psychic Definitions

Definitions of Psychic and Paranormal Phenomena
When we identify and discuss different gifts we are discussing various ways the One Universal Reality expresses. There is a mystical Unity among the differing manifestations of particular phenomena.
  • Anomalous Cognition (AC)

    A form of information transfer in which all known sensorial stimuli are absent. Access to information from events outside the range of the senses. ESP. The sixth sense.
  • Anomalous Mental Phenomena (AMP)

    A general term that includes AC and AP. Also known as PSI.
  • Anomalous Perturbation (AP)

    A form of interaction with matter in which all known physical mechanisms are absent. This phenomenon is also known psycho kinesis (PK).
  • Astrology

    The science and art of discerning the meaning to humans and human affairs of the position or movement of celestial phenomena, mainly the stars and planets.
  • Channeling

    The most widely practiced psychic arts in the Bible stories. The entire Bible is a channeled document. All of the prophets channeled their messages. Channeling is receiving a message from one being or force and transmitting it to another. The prophets receive impressions from God and convert them into words for the people of their time. They transmit God's message, much as a radio today might channel some electromagnetic impressions in the atmosphere into organized sound audible at a specific location.
  • Clairvoyance

    Knowledge of a distant time or location acquired through extrasensory perception. Can involve the present, the past, or the future that is, simulcognition, retro cognition or precognition.
  • Divination

    Involves using some physical plane device or occurrence to discern God's will. Because the items are consecrated to God, God does the choosing and indicating. There are a multitude of divination instances in the Bible. During the various Biblical stories God uses stones, lots, arrows, and animal livers to reveal his will. Today people more commonly consult the Tarot, the I-Ching, the message in a random page from the Bible, and the like. Though specific magical artifacts differ from time to time and culture to culture, the practice is essentially the same.
  • ESP

    See Extrasensory Perception
  • Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

    The ability to acquire information without using the known senses. Real-life experiences that appear to involve ESP are commonly termed psychic experiences. Anomalous cognition. See also clairvoyance, precognition, retro cognition, telepathy, the sixth sense. ESP is an acronym, a term made from the first letters of the words extra-sensory perception. Extra means "above," "beyond," or "super." ESP, proper, deals with the receptive arm of psychic phenomena. Its very name says so. ESP is distinguished from PK, the active or outgoing arm. On another level, ESP actually embraces all psychic phenomena. The term seems to shape shift into extra-sensory phenomena. In this sense each of the psychic gifts are particular manifestations of ESP. They each have their own characteristics and qualities. healing: another of the psychic gifts. The kind of healing that occurs in the Bible ­ and occurs among spiritually awakened people forever ­ is accomplished through prayer and the transfer of energies. Jesus does much of his healing by the laying on of hands. Yet he tells the apostles at one point that certain healing can only be accomplished by prayer: "This kind can not be driven out by anything but prayer" (Mk. 9.29). Clearly, there is a hierarchy of power in psychic activity/healing. This subject is by itself so large that it merits a separate book. On our current adventure we only cursorily visit healing and the healing principles.
  • Hypnosis

    State wherein one is particularly suggestible. May exhibit signs of trance behavior or may appear to act with total waking awareness.
  • Intuition

    Art or process of coming to direct knowledge or certainty without rational processing.
  • Magic

    Causing events to occur by the use of mental-spiritual directives. Psycho kinesis (PK) is magic. When Elijah commands the lightning, he performs magic. By the utilization of his mental directives, he commands fire.
  • Mystical

    1. Having a spiritual meaning, existence, reality, or comparable value that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence.
    2. Of, resulting from, or manifesting an individual's direct or intimate knowledge of a communion with God.
  • Paranormal

    Not scientifically explainable within the classical model of reality; beyond normal; supernatural.
  • Parapsychology

    The science that lies beside or beyond psychology -- studies paranormal experiences and capabilities.
  • PK

    See Psychokinesis.
  • Precognition

    Knowledge of the future gained through ESP.
  • PSI

    Taken together, all of the ESP and PK phenomena. Anomalous mental phenomena. Communication and movement occurring beyond the normal confines of the physical senses. Represented by the Greek letter psi.
  • Psyche

    The vital principle of corporeal matter that is a distinct mental or spiritual entity that is co-extensive with but independent of body or soma, soul and self.
  • Psychic

    1. of, arising in, or relating to the psyche.
    2. not physical or organic.
    3. a person sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences.
    4. one who receives or practices any of the paranormal arts and sciences; one who, either intentionally or spontaneously, experiences any form of the psi phenomena of ESP and PK.
  • Psychical

    Of or pertaining to things of the realm of psi.
  • Psycho Kinesis (PK)

    Less common than ESP, is the direct influence of the human mind on the environment. Mind over matter. Anomalous perturbation (AP). Magic.
  • Reincarnation

    The phenomenon in which the human being who dies is born again as a human. Reincarnationists hold that we move through a train of embodiments acquiring more sublime truths or spiritual functions, much as we progress through grades in the school system. This also is one of the family of psychic phenomena in the Bible. It is a subject of sufficient magnitude that we treat of it in another book.
  • Retro Cognition

    Knowledge of the past gained through ESP.
  • Sixth Sense

    Extrasensory Perception, Clairvoyance.
  • Spiritual

    Of, relating to, or consisting of spirit; of the nature of spirit rather than material.
  • Synchronicity

    An "amazing coincidence" that is not coincidental. By objective reckoning, there is no visible connection between two independent events, however, there are organic correlations operating at/from the spiritual level.
  • Telepathy

    Discerning the thoughts, feelings, intentions of other people through ESP.
  • Teleportation

    Moving (portation) over a distance (tele). It involves being or getting somewhere without using the conventional modes of travel, which during Biblical times were primarily walking and assing.