Major Arcana
The trump cards of a Tarot pack
  • 0

    The Fool
    Wisdom of innocence, originality, annulment of reason, frivolity, without discipline, ecstasy, delirium, madness, foolishness.
  • I

    The Magician
    Elementary knowledge, determination, skill, juggling, initiative, agitation, disgrace, immaturity.
  • II

    The High Priestess
    Mystery, hidden knowledge, intuition, initiation, the unconscious, mental power, silence, superstition, presumption, superficial.
  • III

    The Empress
    Feminine wisdom, feminine power, sensuality, beauty, culture, abundance, boredom, lethargy, temptation through earthly things.
  • IV

    The Emperor
    Masculine power, shaping of the material World, ruler ship, will, severity, stability, power and its danger, force.
  • V

    The Hierophant
    Intellectual leadership, initiation, occult powers, secret knowledge, religion, humility, false guru, hypocrisy, theoretical knowledge, hierarchy, disbelief, distrust.
  • VI

    The Lovers
    Union, love, blend of opposites, Tantra, understanding of the cosmic dance, harmony, discernment, decision, enticement, temptation, doubts.
  • VII

    The Chariot
    Triumph, mental and physical balance, commitment, dynamic, examination, hard work, obstacles, failure.
  • VIII

    Justice through knowledge of a higher order, union of opposites, balance, virtue, kindness, dignity, fairness, law, selfishness, lack of principles, injustice, prejudice, lack of harmony, stubbornness.
  • IX

    The Hermit
    Seclusion, solitude, wisdom, cleverness, distance, discernment, self-control, discipline, awareness, autonomy, guidelines, reliability, alienation, loneliness.
  • X

    Wheel of Fortune
    Realization of the cosmic order, application of higher laws, dance of energies, constant changes, as above so below, turning point, search for the center, out of control, quest for power.
  • XI

    Energy, enjoying the dance of life, strength, creative energy, mastery, wildness, transformation of energies, determination to live, striving for power, vice.
  • XII

    The Hanged Man
    Overcoming obstacles through devotion. Changes, prudence, peace of mind, expanded consciousness, insight, sacrifice, renunciation, self-deceit, selfishness, loss.
  • XIII

    The end, transition, transformation, a boundary was reached, giving up the existing, time elapses, separation, release, settlement, stagnation, sorrow.
  • XIV

    Harmony, mental equilibrium, the middle path, improvement, union, rejuvenation, patience, coordination, carelessness, indecision.
  • XV

    The Devil
    Victory of materialism, black magic, occult powers, dependence, slavery, passion, egoism, perversion, wrong proportions, overcoming of own fears, perception of the inner demon.
  • XVI

    The Tower
    Forced change, breakdown, ruin, fight, catastrophe, destruction, breaking up of constricting convictions, arrogance, intolerance, disappointment, chance for a new start, liberation, enthusiasm.
  • XVII

    The Star
    Beauty, inspiration, hope, brilliance, clarity, to give and take, unconventional, dreams, fantasies, resignation.

    The Moon
    The unconscious, hidden mental power, to forget oneself, salvation, mercy, great love, darkness, secret, drunkenness, hysteria.
  • XIX

    The Sun
    Light, openness, completion, warmth, favorable relationship, satisfaction, energy, idealism, devotion, passion, home country, harmlessness, lack of criticism, arrogance.
  • XX

    Breakthrough, transformation, waking up the latent powers, forgiveness, disillusionment, stuck to the old path, settlement.
  • XXI

    The World
    Synthesis of the elements; the cosmic dance, unity, success, understanding, perfect application of what was previously learnt, forgetting the center, fear of devotion, restricted views, inertia, selfishness, lack of commitment.
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