Cosmic Tarot
major arcana
  • Ace of Pentacles
    Wealth, riches, fertility, perfection, dowry, personal talent, personal task.
  • Two of Pentacles
    Changes, attraction between opposites, harmonious change, cheerfulness, new complications, excitement, news, message, contradictory chances, contradictory tasks.
  • Three of Pentacles
    Work, material foundation, effort, skill, reputation, perseverance, obstinacy, fame, narrow-minded, weakness, mediocrity.
  • Four of Pentacles
    Power, love for material prosperity, legacy, gift, great talent, clinging to property, avarice, obstacles, pride.
  • Five of Pentacles
    Worry, torture, chaos, poverty, effort, tension, need, idleness, immorality, belief in the future, reconciliation.
  • Six of Pentacles
    Success, stability, gifts, right timing, generosity, kindness, indulgence, desire, envy, jealousy.
  • Seven of Pentacles
    Failure, bad business, hard work, little success, hazardous speculation, inventiveness, own points of view, good business.
  • Eight of Pentacles
    Wisdom, reason, skill, humbleness, cleverness, fulfilling work, ambition, vanity, greed.
  • Nine of Pentacles
    Gain, growth, popularity, property, abundance, material wealth, waste, diversion, threatened security.
  • Ten of Pentacles
    Riches, wealth, security, home, safety, inheritance, family affairs, happiness, developed talents, lively habits, venture, danger, loss.
  • Princess of Pentacles
    Young, strong, promising, careful, communicating, fond of luxury, spoiled.
  • Prince of Pentacles
    Persistent, inventive, reliable, ready to help, solid, true, methodical, pensive, practical, patient, indolent, stubborn, apathetic, limited, merciless.
  • Queen of Pentacles
    Kind-hearted, gentle, quiet, benevolent, friendly, rich, zealous, domestic, striving, with strong roots, submissive, impersonal, phlegmatic.
  • King of Pentacles
    A capable business person, diligent, patient, talented in mathematics, wealthy, prudent, tender, Epicurean, greedy, stubborn, corrupt.
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